Three ways to get the recruitment results you want

Blog - 3 ways to get the recruitment results you want

Selecting the right recruiter to help you fill a vacancy is very important. However, what you do as the hiring manager still has a huge impact on whether your vacancy gets filled regardless of how effective your external recruiter is.

Here are three things you must do to maximise your chances of successfully recruiting:

Take the time to brief your recruiter properly

Your recruiter will be showcasing you as an employer to the wider candidate pool. This pitch will be based on what you tell them about your company, the job and the future prospects.

If you don’t arm the recruiter with the features and benefits of your vacancy and company they are simply asking candidates if they are looking for another job. In an employment market where there are plenty of vacancies it’s the recruitment equivalent of trying to sell sand in the desert and the result will be a very weak shortlist.

Keep the momentum going

Hiring managers justify delays in recruitment processes by prioritising their day to day work. Understandable, but deadly to the prospects of a strong candidate shortlist for two reasons.

Keep in mind your business is in the shop window as far as a potential candidate is concerned. They are assessing if they really want to work for you.

Now think about the signals a delay sends out to a candidate – indecision, don’t prioritise staffing, disorganised. This undermines everything you have said to the candidate at interview about the positive working environment of your company.

Furthermore, delays in your process also open the door to a competitor hiring your favourite candidate whilst you are busy with something else.

Get personally invested in the successful candidate joining

Assuming you have made an offer to the best candidate speak to them directly about the formalities of a written offer and any necessary background checks. Arrange to meet them for coffee during their notice period. Introduce them to their soon to be colleagues in an informal setting. Talk to them about what you expect their first few days to be like.

In short, invest in your new working relationship with this person. They will be much less likely to back out of an offer if they feel you are committed to them joining you.

I hope this helps. If you want to discuss any aspect of these tips or recruitment in house building just get in touch.