Three tips for recruiting in a candidate driven market

Blog - Three tips for recruiting in a candidate driven market

House building suffers from a skill shortage. Much is made in the press about skilled site labour leaving the UK as a result of the Brexit – less is reported of the lack of manager and director grade staff with relevant industry experience. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Quality staff are in short supply and hard to tempt away from their present employer.

So if you are looking to recruit professional grade staff how can you adapt?

Firstly, get your mindset right for the first interview. You are going to have to work as hard selling your company and job as the candidate is at selling themselves.

Don’t assume everyone knows all about your company and don’t take for granted the candidate has already made up their mind they definitely want the job.

Be prepared. Make notes as to why your company is a great place to work beforehand. How is it different to the rest of your competitors? Make your pitch compelling.

Secondly, focus on the skills that you need rather than job titles on the candidate’s CV. Whilst it might feel like a safe strategy to hire someone who is already doing the job for a competitor you will be restricted to a very small pool of candidates making your chances of recruiting low.

Look at someone stepping up to the position, or coming from a consultancy, a supplier, or self employment or maybe another industry altogether. By doing this you are significantly widening the field and vastly enhancing your chances of filling your vacancy.

Finally, make the best offer you can first time. Apart from the obvious financial incentive, a strong salary offer is a statement of intent. It shows the candidate you really want them and that you make decisions that get results. The chances of them accepting your offer and refusing a counter offer increase significantly.

A low offer with the intention of increasing doesn’t carry these emotional benefits even if you subsequently increase it.