The Value of Interview Timings

The Value of Interview Timings

It is normal and expected that a hiring manager wants to interview several candidates for their vacancy. It helps them explore the candidate market and gives them a choice to best match technical skills and cultural fit.

But where there is more than one candidate being interviewed it’s really important to get the interviews very close together.


There are two main benefits:

Firstly, it’s much easier to be objective about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and draw comparisons whilst it’s all fresh in your mind. You are more likely to make the best selection of which candidate to offer.

Secondly, you don’t lose the interest of candidates interviewed early on. For example if you have four candidates to interview and you arrange the interviews over a three week period, the first candidate’s interest is likely to have cooled significantly without any progress for three weeks. What if the first candidate proved to be the best? You now have an uphill battle to regain their interest. Maybe it’s too late and they have accepted a job with a competitor.

Make sure you arrange interviews as close together as possible even if that means seeing candidates out of office hours or at an offsite location. This will help you make the right choice and avoid losing the interest of your preferred candidate.