Overall Customer Satisfaction Improving

Talking of the HBF customer satisfaction survey, chairman Stewart Baseley was keen to point out that the 2019 results are the best ever since the survey started back in 2006.

From around 60,000 surveys completed, 87% of customers would recommend their builder to a friend and 86% were satisfied with their new home. (I wouldn’t want to be friends with the 1% who weren’t satisfied but who would still recommend!). In both cases, these figures are an improvement of 1% on the previous year. Hardly a quantum leap but trending in the right direction.

On a positive note, 4 out of 5 largest UK housebuilders now have a maximum 5-star rating thanks to Taylor Wimpey and Redrow gaining their 5-star status in the most recent survey.

Slightly more concerning is that only 77% of customers were happy with their builders after sales service. There is still work to do on improving the customer journey and ensuring that people feel buying new was the right choice.