Is Bovis still having customer care issues?

According to The Independent, Bovis Homes have not completely cleaned the house (excuse the pun) in terms of customer service issues that dethroned former CEO Dave Ritchie 16 months ago.

In early 2017 it became public knowledge that Bovis had offered cash payments to customers to move into unfinished houses in a bid to meet an ambitious annual completions target.

The fall out in terms of customer complaints and associated negative PR was huge, a fact that current CEO Greg Fitzgerald has never shied away from. He went as far as stating that Bovis would no longer be “handing over crap or incomplete houses to customers”.

Bovis is keen to point out that its customer satisfaction rating is up by 30% to 87% compared to last year suggesting Fitzgerald is doing a good turnaround job.

However, The Independent claims that they have evidence that a number of Bovis customers are still being incentivised to give a positive response to the HBF survey. Allegedly, this has taken the form of gifts, home improvements or paying of household bills.

What strikes me about this story is the small number of customers this relates to. Just nine, to be precise, who bought properties over the past two years. Keeping in mind that Bovis sells around 4,000 homes per year, as a percentage, this group is tiny. That’s not to say that incentivising a positive customer response on the HBF survey is acceptable, if indeed, that’s what has happened.

Also of note is that only The Independent deemed this story newsworthy, adding to my suspicion that this is just a few isolated incidents in a company making decent strides in the right direction.

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