Housing Minister Turns Recruiter!

The HBF has launched a report in parliament stating that the new homes industry needs 49,000 new recruits if the government target of 300,000 homes a year are to be built. 

In full sales mode, the document calls on the “brightest and best” to consider a career in house building. Clearly targeting the image of hard hat and muddy boots, it goes on to highlight the variety of positions in housing developers.

“Getting your hands dirty is optional – though construction is essential to home building, so too is finance, design, planning and sales” states the report.

It continues “For the eco warriors, how about becoming a Sustainability Coordinator?” and follows with “A tech whiz with an eye for design? Becoming a Building Visualiser could be for you”

Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, threw his weight behind the recruitment drive: “this sector is one of the most diverse and well-paid industries in the UK. It caters for everyone from the best and brightest graduates designing and creating the homes of the future to school leavers starting their very first job.”

For once I am inclined to agree!