Builder Redrow launches UK’s first housebuilding degree

Blog - Builder Redrow launches UK’s first housebuilding degree

Redrow has formed an alliance with Coleg Cambria and Liverpool John Moores University to launch a housebuilding degree which will commence in September.

It is the latest in a number of initiatives by large house builders to address the skills shortage. Given that the government is setting ambitious production targets and Brexit is likely to reduce the availability of EU construction workers in the UK the skills shortage is only likely to worsen.

Karen Jones of Redrow said

the company is “working in partnership with further education and higher education providers to develop new pathways that enable recruits to develop the aptitude, attitude and strategic nous to deliver communities at scale”

Despite the headline, this isn’t the first UK degree in house building as any of you with a BSc in Residential Development from Nottingham Trent will know.

However, a partnership between a national house builder and two educational institutions seems like a step in the right direction to provide a long-term sustainable solution to the industry skills shortage.

The one obvious caveat is that the course it is currently only available to Redrow employees which means it has more in common with an apprenticeship than higher education. Opening the course up to school leavers would have a far greater impact on the sector.