Are your salaries competitive?

Blog - Are your salaries competitive

In twenty years of recruitment I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have placed someone on the same salary as they have with their current job. In short, it doesn’t really happen. Candidates are always looking for a rise. Whether its to offset the risk of moving employer or simply that a job move allows them the best opportunity to negotiate.

Often this increment is overlooked when the hiring company is setting a salary budget for a position. It is commonplace to simply set the basic salary at perceived market rate and start the process from there. But if all the potential candidates are already earning market rate then there is no financial incentive to move.

So a simple sense test for your salary level is to take 10% off your proposed basic salary and ask yourself “Is there a good number of possible candidates in the market on this figure?” Unless the answer is “Yes” you are going to rely on finding someone who is out of work or so desperate to leave their current employer they are willing to move for the same package. Hardly a strategy to attract the top performers in the sector.

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